Coming Soon! Life In The Estrogen-Free Zone

Kim Cusimano Contributor EF Zone

Life In The Estrogen-Free Zone Coming Soon! As a mom to two sons, one a Navy officer and the other an Elvis tribute artist, I know something about every son being different. Also, having a son with differing abilities and some special needs has been a journey in learning many new mom lessons. I look forward to…

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Tend the Roses

Image of a Rose

As special needs parents, we care for people daily and have added responsibilities. We generally don’t want to add more chores around the house. But hear me out. I would submit we also tend to something else besides caring for our loved ones, something that grows and brings life to our homes in other ways.…

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Having Fun Trying

Nate and Anna at Frozen

We took our 24-year-old daughter to see Frozen, the musical. Honestly, we were hesitant to spend the money on the tickets. We just never know what she will enjoy. If you ask her in advance, she often says “no” to offers to do something fun. Her emotional cues can be flat and hard to read.…

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Power of Small

father getting son ready for wakeboarding

It’s January when new goals, resolutions, and good intentions are swirling around in our minds. One of my goals is to serve other people outside of my family. I don’t want to keep my focus so nearsighted that I forget other people and families have needs too. As a caregiver to two in my own…

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One Day at a Time

present tag with red and white string placed on white background

Oh, 2022, where have you gone? It’s December, and I can feel the year fading fast. I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect and update. I have been on an unintended/unplanned sabbatical of sorts. I write on this site to encourage special needs parents and caregivers, yet this year I had to take…

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person hand reaching body of water

Hold too tight to a snowflake, A firefly, Or a rose petal, And it withers. You can’t keep the artistry, You can’t see the light, You can’t put it back together. When we hold too tightly, No matter the helpful intent, Or wishful desires, The holding is hurting. All from our own hand, Our own…

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close up photography of bible

I cup my hand to the back of my ear, Lord, I’m listening. I focus my eyes on the page. God, let’s talk. You love me, This I know, For these pages, Tell me so. But, so much noise. Speak up, Speak out. Speak above, And over it all. Memory is also a thief, Like…

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Devotions of the Distracted Heart


Peg Arnold is a dear friend who heads up the vibrant ministry, Wonder of Women. Peg graciously invited me to contribute a blog for her devotional series, Distractions of the Heart. The following was posted on, but I also wanted to share it with my readers. I enjoyed writing it, and it comes with a…

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Picture Perfect

Anna Picture Perfect Blog Image

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I’m basking in the glow of having had our family together around the table. Like many, we missed getting to celebrate with our extended families. 2020 brought a more intimate gathering of “just us.” My husband and I sat with only our four, nearly all grown children. We laughed…

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Keep It Simple

Keep it simple! Are you new to homeschooling due to all the changes going on in our world? If so, I’m here to repeat my mantra, “Keep it simple!” Many years ago, I homeschooled our two special-needs children for some time during their early elementary years. I tried many of the things I had heard…

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