Encouragement for Parents of Special  Needs Children


You may have found this site purposely or stumbled on it curiously. Either way, here we are! –Together!

If you are a parent of a special needs child or adult, you are already my familiar friend.

As a parent to two, young adult special needs children, I know a few things about you. Sure, not EVERYTHING, but certainly a few things! This site is meant to help you find moments of encouragement and rest.

So come on in! I want to give you a moment of rest to sit with yourself and take in something for only you!



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Available for: Small groups • workshops • break out sessions

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Phone a Friend

As a caregiver mama, I’ve noticed one thing that consistently adds joy to my days. Friendships. Maintaining friendships has been one of my best investments over the years. Four distinct...
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Flexibility, Expectations, and Travel

We went! We did the thing. We took our first cruise. Also, we included our special needs daughter, who has been on limited travel with us for the last few...
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Count Your Blessings

In a few weeks, we will say goodbye to 2023. Recently, I’ve been mindful that it has been a great year! As a special needs mom/family, if we’re not careful,...
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Saying Thank You

Saying Thank You Fifteen seconds, that’s about all the time we spent with Tim Tebow. However, that was long enough to say thank you. I’m sure he has heard it...
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