Count Your Blessings

In a few weeks, we will say goodbye to 2023. Recently, I’ve been mindful that it has been a great year! As a special needs mom/family, if we’re not careful, the challenges and logistics can get highlighted more than the blessings. Not this year! Here are some of the things I’m thankful for in 2023…

            Our children have been healthy.

            We met new therapists and doctors who fit our family’s changing needs.

            Our family took multiple trips.

            As a mom, I met some personal goals outside of parenting/caregiving.

            There were mornings and evenings on the patio with family and close friends.

            There were pool parties.

            I read 5 or 6 books.

            The small garden kept giving tomatoes.

            Our children, no matter the level of their social skills, all have growing friendships.

…And on the list could go. Speaking of our children having friends, this brings me to one of my favorite things to add to my list for 2023, my new friends! I met three other moms who brought unexpected encouragement, joy, and friendship during the year. It just so happens they all have special needs children. Two of these ladies are in the same season of life as me, caring for adult special needs children. The collective wisdom and healthy perspectives from these two have been life-giving! The third is a young mom just starting this journey of caring for her young child. On our first visit, I got such a thrill from encouraging her.

I value all my friendships. I have many friendships born out of decades, a variety of experiences, and places. This year, I’m thankful to God, who gives generously and continues to enrich my life with new people.