Saying Thank You

Saying Thank You

Fifteen seconds, that’s about all the time we spent with Tim Tebow. However, that was long enough to say thank you. I’m sure he has heard it a thousand times, but I needed to say it one time, personally.

Tim Tebow’s foundation sponsors the Night to Shine event for adults with differing abilities and special needs. The event gives them a night to dance, celebrate, and make new friends. It is similar to a prom, allowing them to dress up and feel pretty, handsome, and joyful.

Our son and our daughter attend each year. It is a day they look forward to. They both enjoy dressing up and attending something special just for them.

My husband and I recently attended an event for a nonprofit that had Tim as the keynote speaker. There was an opportunity following the event to have our photo taken with him. My husband asked if I wanted to stand in the long line for the quick picture. I told him I did. I knew I could use the brief moment to thank him for his investment in and vision for Night to Shine.

As special needs parents to two young adults, I remember all the years of meeting wonderful people. Some were doctors, therapists, special education teachers, Sunday school teachers, and those who gave of themselves through music, karate, horse riding, and dance lessons.

I hope I said thank you many times. I never want to forget to show appreciation to those who come alongside and serve our family and bless our children.

There are seasons when parenting special needs children or caregiving for other loved ones can seem lonely. It can feel like we are alone in the trenches with few resources and few supporters. Although it’s true we often could use more resources and helpers, it doesn’t change the fact that there have been many along the way.

Do I consider the friendly receptionist who ensures the doctor gets my important message or works my child in for a necessary appointment? That volunteer who gave time at the stables and helped saddle the horse for my child’s riding lesson? May I always remember to say thank you. And in addition, I’ve learned over the years that showing my appreciation multiplies my gratitude.

Even if we must stand in line for a few extra minutes to say thank you, let’s do it!

Hope is Alive with Tim Tebow - Joe & Kim Cusimano