Hold too tight to a snowflake,

A firefly,

Or a rose petal,

And it withers.

You can’t keep the artistry,

You can’t see the light,

You can’t put it back together.

When we hold too tightly,

No matter the helpful intent,

Or wishful desires,

The holding is hurting.

All from our own hand,

Our own plan,

Broken down.

How can it be?

That desires or good intentions,

Gripped firmly don’t hold the key.

The mystery may be in the eyes.

We can only see what we can see.

God’s view,

He sees more than you or me.

He creates the snowflake to glisten,

The firefly to light the night sky,

The rose to display its velvet petals.

Spring comes after the snowfall,

The morning after the dark of night,

An entire garden blooms,

God’s rhythm is right.

His view is of all the tomorrows,

Not just tonight.

We often hold the dark too long,

And rob the morning of light.

Release the grip-

And let the spring come,

The morning sunrise too.

And give up the petal,

For a whole rose garden view!