Send The Soldiers, Send The Swords!

Thoughts come and go,

Some move in to stay!

Some are friendly,

Bringing rest.

Some are hostile,

Stealing peace.

I imagine this door,

An entrance of sorts.

Peace, you are welcome here,

Hope, you too may come in.

Others are turned away.

Fear, sorry there is no room.

Worry, you must turn and go.

Thieves you are.

Lies you have told.

Lord, I am vulnerable.

My mind’s door-if left unguarded,

I can’t stand alone.

No match for the enemy.

But You, oh Lord,

The army You own!

Send the soldiers,

Command them to stand!

Sword over sword,

A fortress in front of the door!

No debt owed to the enemy,

No entrance he can make.

No ground for him to claim.

Capture not an option.

Standing behind the swords,

Safe and secure,

Choosing rest,

Protected in You!