Like many special needs parents, we parent both special needs children and typical children. We find ourselves working to meet such a wide range of needs for all of them. This is where I found myself one day when my teenage son negotiated for more freedom, to let him “be himself.” I had a special need son I wanted to move more towards independence and another son who wanted to race towards independence. Strangely, as their mom, I felt a wave of grief in dealing with both circumstances. But, for one son, it was about time to let go. He wanted to sprint out the door. He thought he was ready and wanted us to remove the boundaries. Sometimes I too want God to remove what feels like restraints or tight boundaries. Even as a special need parent, I often long for more freedom or spontaneity. So along with my son, I have similar lessons to learn. By God’s design, my most beautiful life can be lived inside His boundaries. God does not keep what is best for me out of my reach!


To be different,

To be the unique me,

Is to be free.

God, the greatest creator,

Says go,


Create like Me.

Be beautiful,

Make beautiful,

Reflect Me.

But, know,

My love protects,

Saying where to stop and go.

Speak to the ocean,

Hear it say,

“In my grandeur, I stand alone,

I’m like no one else on any day.

But I’ll tell you,

God told me where I had to stay.

He set my boundaries at the shore,

I am strong,

Powerful and more.

Bigger than imaginations can be.

Yet, I stop.

If not, there would be nothing left to see.

Also, talk to the sun.

My sister, sun, same Father as me.

He tells her when each day she’s done,

No matter if she wants to stay or plea.

How about the small,

Can they run endless free?

Not at all.

A tiny seed,

A baby in the womb,

God says when they will be freed.”

You or me?

No different than the sun or sea,

Baby or seed,

God’s love protects within each boundary.