Joy, Peace and Big Hats

Lord, when I grow old…

I hope I look more like Jesus,

But in my own skin.

I want to wear big hats,

Be able to laugh at myself,

Make others laugh until they cry,

Spend time growing red roses,

Get lost in reading good books,

Spend time with my grandchildren

-playing dress up and army men.

I want to take my neighbors cookies,

Visit those who are sick,

Hold my friends who are hurting,

Work hard at my work,

Rest at night a peaceful rest.

I want to pray and be with You, God.

Read Your words with anticipation,

-As if reading for the first time.

Give thanks while taking long walks,

Singing You my made up songs.

Meditating on Your promises,

Breathing those in deep.

I want to be loving and kind,

Wise and gentle,

Generous and grateful,

Funny yet sincere.

I want to use my talents and gifts,

Forget my failures,

Trust You with my weaknesses.

Understand the value of moving on.

I want to practice for heaven,

Be in good form,

Have a face that radiates joy,

A heart that beats with peace,

A mind that is sound,

A soul that is satisfied.