What Others are Saying

During the years that Kim Cusimano and I were colleagues in Prosper ISD, Kim quickly established herself as an expert instructional assistant.  She was adept at helping students struggling with autism, learning disabilities, and severe behavior challenges experience success in the general education classroom.  Her expertise also extended to implementing BIP and CPI protocols as well as understanding and following IEPs.

Additionally, she recognized the value of collaboration.  She demonstrated a proven track record of working together with special education teachers, general education teachers, parents, and administrators to seek and implement strategies to help students find academic, social, and behavior success across all school settings.  Kim was an invaluable member of the special education team. Her innate understanding, empathy, and compassion enabled her to meet students at their individual levels, foster trust, and help them flourish at their personal best.

Michele Emerson


Kim Cusimano has a gift. I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Cusimano serve as a paraprofessional in a self-contained classroom that addresses social and emotional learning. She started this self-contained program alongside me from the ground up. During the two years, Kim's responsibilities were to collect data on IEP goals, understand the IEP paperwork, follow accommodations and modifications, lead small group academic instruction, and maintaining behaviors that interfered with student learning. The level of patience that Mrs. Cusimano showed each day promoted a classroom environment where students felt safe at the same time of setting high expectations for each student individually. Mrs. Cusimano's passion for children with disabilities reflects what kind of woman she strives to be each day. She is a true angel.

Natalie Nuttall


Having known Kim for 30+years, I have seen God reveal His love and patience to those He brings into her life. Kim writes and speaks from a place of experience, uplifting and encouraging those in her life. She is a persevering soul as seen in her relationship to her family.

Dr. Scott Hadden, President, Scope Ministries International


I met Kim several years ago in a women’s “If Gathering” group. There was a magnetism about Kim. I was drawn to her very caring and compassionate approach to people. During group conversations, Kim actively listened and responded insightfully as thoughts were shared. She was eloquent, transparent and shared her vulnerability so beautifully.

Kim has a discerning spirit and is full of such wisdom. Her stories about life invoked smiles, tears and a sense of wonder as we were prompted to think about life and God on a different level.

Kim shared so much of her heart as she spoke of her children with disabilities with gentle, loving, heartfelt words, making reference to them as “my Anna and my Ben.” Her experience as a classroom teacher, a mom of children with special needs and her desire to maximize the potential and life of children with disabilities is articulated in her words and carried out in her actions.

Our group always looked to Kim for a word from God, to lead the prayer and to share a piece of herself, as she represents the hands and feet of God by walking it out relationally with people.

Liz Abbott


Hearing Kim teach at a workshop, her candidly shared truth pierced to the very target my heart needed. Her refreshing way with words, stories, laughter and the Word uplifts fellow followers, making the time so worth the investment!

Kathy Presley